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What if Abraham Lincoln Wasn’t Assassinated? Welcome to Stephen L. Carter’s Alternate History

After reading Stephen L. Carter’s novel The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln, you’ll be thankful President Lincoln was assassinated. Yes, you heard that right. Abraham Lincoln was a hero and the brightest beacon of goodness the world could offer. But that’s precisely the point. His assassination helped enshrine his greatest qualities. He became a martyr of a noble cause, a symbol of freedom so large it swallowed all the likely flaws and bad behaviors of the President whole.

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What if Abraham Lincoln hadn’t been killed by that bullet on April 14, 1865?

Bestselling author Daniel Silva talks about his new book and then recommends three sizzling reads. For the beach, he suggests The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln by Stephen L. Carter, praising Carter as a “great writer, great legal mind.”